As a World No 1 Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Dictionary App, It is clear that this App is becoming a gateway to help the newbie understand the new world of crypto and so we have introduced some reward in crypto to help a newbie get familiar with using cryptocurrency, earning it, exchanging it for other cryptos or fiat.

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(1) What is BLOGT?

BLOGT is the official reward and loyalty utility token of BlockGlossary App.

(2) How To Earn BLOGT In BlockGlossary App?

All you need to do is to register, verify account and then log in to start to learn crypto terms and meaning, You earn BLOGT for every activity in your journey to learning about this amazing and disruptive Blockchain tech world.

You can also Earn BLOGT Free via Airdrop Here

(3) Is BLOGT A Cryptocurrency?

Yeah, BLOGT is a cryptocurrency because its created on a Blockchain. Below are the details of the token.

Token Name: BlockGlossary Utility Token

Token Ticker: BLOGT

Token Blockchain: Created on Waves Blockchain (you can confirm on the Blockchain Here)

Maximum Supply: 10,000,000 (Ten Million Only)

ReIssueable: NO (means the token can not be mined or mint new token to increase the max supply)

Exchange: Waves Dex (Others exchanges may be added in future)

Tokenomics: 70% max supply for Community (via Earning in this App and Airdrops, competitions and other reward activities within the App). 20% for Marketing and Development while 10% is for the Team. NO ICO, NO PRESALE

NOTE: The BLOGT earned on this website is not the Blockchain version but you redeem it and get equivalent of your earned token sent to your wallet on Blockchain.

(4) Where Can You Store Your BLOGT After Earning?

You can store it in your Waves wallet. Get one Free at Waves.Exchange

(5) How To Withdraw Your Earned BLOGT From BlockGlossary App?

You can withdraw your earn crypto from this app to your Waves wallet by the following instruction here to request a withdrawal.

(6) Where Can I Trade BLOGT For Other Crypto Like Bitcoin, Eth, Waves?

You can trade your earned BLOGT on Wave DEX after it’s been withdrawn to your Waves wallet (follow step 5 above to withdraw your earned BLOGT from this App to your Waves wallet).

(a) Log your Waves wallet that contains BLOGT on Waves.Exchange

(b) Go Under TRADE

(c) Search for BLOGT and you would see available trades you can trade with. Some may not have liquidity, so check popular ones like BLOGT/WAVES, BLOGT/ETH, BLOGT/USDT, BLOGT/BTC

(d) If you place order to sell and someone buys it. Then you have the equivalent value in the pair the bought with. For example, if you place sell order on BLOGT?WAVES with $100 and someone buys it, then you will get $100 worth of WAVES in your wallet which you can also trade with other crypto like WAVES/BTC, WAVES/USDT, WAVES/ETH and so on.


I Need More Info And Help On BLOGT? 

Then chat with our Admins via Mail or Telegram