Congratulations, you have earned free crypto while learning about Blockchain and cryptocurrency in this BlockGlossary App.

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Now its time to withdraw your earn crypto BLOGT into your wallet. Follow steps below:

(a) Ensure your account is verified, if not verified, your withdrawal will not be honoured. Go to our Telegram and speak to Admin for help to get verified (you don’t need to submit any ID or pass KYC – You only need to download the App in Playstore, use and Rate it, then send a screenshot of your rating to the telegram which the name on the rating must march your full name in the account on our App. Username must be same as Telegram and username used to register your account in the App).

(b) If your account already verified on our App, its time to request your earned crypto tokens. Send the amount of BLOGT you want to withdraw to withdraw wallet for processing using the withdraw tool below:



(I) Current Withdrawal Timeframe: Once Per Week. All qualified withdrawal will be processed every Sunday (UTC+01). So, check your wallet latest by Monday after withdrawal processed.

Any withdraw not requested latest by Saturday will not be processed for that week’s batch withdrawal and would be transferred to another week. So, ensure you request within the time frame.

(ii) Minimum Withdrawal Allowed: 25BLOGT. Ensure you check here before requesting withdrawal as this changes from time to time.

Warning: Sending amount lower than the minimum specified above will make your token withdraw not processed and your BLOGT token unrecoverable (lost forever).


(c) How to trade your BLOGT Token after you get it in your WAVES wallet for Waves, USDT, Bitcoin, ETh and more. See Detailed Guide on BLOGT here