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As a gateway to newbie getting familiar with Crypto terms and meaning to help understand the crypto world and terrain. It’s our pleasure to introduce our Official Reward and Loyalty utility Token called BLOGT (Click the name to read more about this token).

This page is dedicated to updating users on new or ongoing Airdrops.

Follow the instruction below to participate in the ongoing airdrop and how to claim your airdrop:

Airdrop Details:

2,000,000 BLOGT = $400,000 airdrop pool

$1 = 5BLOGT

Each Participant: 500BLOGT ($100)

Referral: 25BLOGT ($5) per Referral

When Exchange Listing?: BLOGT is tradeable on WAVES DEX (Other exchanges may be listed in future)


Step 1: Join Telegram (BlockGlossary Telegram Channel and BlockGlossary Telegram Group)


Step 2A: Follow On Twitter and Retweet Pinned Tweets on the official App account and our Founder’s account (@BlockGlossary and Oskaaay).


Step 2B: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel – BlockGlossary – Blockchain/Crypto Dictionary.


Step 3: Register an Account (this is essential to redeem current airdrop and also continuously earn our token daily when using the App).

WARNING: Username to register on the website must be same as your Telegram username. Also, email must be the same as email used to rate the App in Step 5 below. The Full Name should be same as the name that will be displayed in Google Playstore (All this information are essential to correlate or you lose your Airdrop token). If the information is not the same and your account not able to be verified due to conflicting data, you will lose access to claim your Airdrop (this is to uncover people with multiple accounts and self-referrals trying to game the system)


Step 4: Download our App – Go to Google Playstore and search for “BlockGlossary Crypto Dictionary” to download, install and log in to your account.


Step 5: Use the App and then give an Unbiased RATING of the App based on your personal experience using the app in Playstore (remember you should use the same email, the full name displayed on your rating must be same used to register on the website. We crosscheck, if they are not same, your account won’t be verified and you lose your Airdrop).


Step 6: When done rating, post screenshot in the Telegram group. It will be checked with your registered account on the App website and if all passed, your account will be upgraded to verify which qualifies you to get the airdrop when distributed and continuously earn free crypto while learning about Blockchain and cryptocurrency within the app daily.


Step 7: Stay informed and active in the telegram group for Airdrop updates.


BONUS: You can refer and earn additional 25BLOGT per referral. Check your referral link on the App after registration. All referral must become verified for you to withdraw referer reward. Multiple account and self-referral will make you lose your main account even after it’s been verified. So, avoid it and don’t attempt to game the system.