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Bitcoin Cash

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Meaning of Bitcoin Cash

BitcoinCash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. It is fully decentralized, with no central bank, and requires no trusted third parties to operate.

It is one of the most popular hard forked coins from Bitcoin core and is represented with BCH just as USD for Dollars

Full Name: Bitcoin Cash

Symbol: BCH

Total Supply: 21Million

Blockchain: Bitcoin Cash

Launched: 1st August, 2017

Launched Price: 1BCH = $300

Genesis Address: unknown

Programming Language: C++

Mineable: Yes

Modes of Mining: PoW

Founder/Developer(s): There is no one single development team for Bitcoin Cash but there are now multiple independent teams of developers.

Digits: 8(0.00000000)

Smallest Unit: Satoshi. 1BCH = 100,000,000 satoshi

Forked From: Bitcoin

Forked Coins: None

Algorithm: SHA256

Website: Bitcoincash.org

Twitter: Bitcoincash.org

Facebook: Facebook.com/Bitcoincashorg

Telegram: Bitcoincash.org

Reddit: Reddit.com/r/Bitcoincash/

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