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What is Cypherium? Cypherium Meaning:

Cypherium is a decentralized hybrid Blockchain platform which makes it easier for enterprises to run smart contracts easily on the Blockchain.

Cypherium was created by Sky Guo, Solomon Zhang and Nate Ren in 2018.

Cypherium is represented with CPH coin/token thicker just as BTC for Bitcoin! See Altcoin.

Full Name: Cypherium

Symbol: CPH

Total Supply: 8.4Billion

Blockchain: Cypherium Blockchain

Launched:   2018

Launched Price: $1USD = 4CPH at rate of $0.25

Genesis Address: Unknown

Programming Language: Java

Mineable: Yes

Modes of Mining: PoS

Founder/Developer(s): Sky Guo, Solomon Zhang and Nate Ren

Digits: 10(0.0000000000)

Smallest Unit: Unknown

Forked From: None

Forked Coins: None

Algorithm: PoS and BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance)

Website: Cypherium.io

Twitter: @CypheriumChain

Telegram: @Cypherium_supergroup

Reddit: Reddit.com/r/Cypherium/

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