Paxos Standard

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Meaning of Paxos Standard

It is a Stablecoin known as the first digital asset issued by a financial institution and is backed by USD. It is represented with PAX just as BTC for Bitcoin! See Altcoin.

Paxos Standard token is created each time a dollar deposit is made and destroyed when withdrawn at 1PAX = 1USD.

Full Name: Paxos Standard

Symbol: PAX

Total Supply: 154,052,389 PAX

Maximum Supply: Unlimited PAX

Blockchain: Ethereum

ICO Price: None

ICO Date: None

Launched: October 2018

Launched Price: $1USD = 1PAX

Genesis Address: unknown

Programming Language:  C++, Go, Rust, Solidity

Mineable: No

Modes of Mining:  Not Available

Founder/Developer(s): Paxos Trust Company; Charles Cascarilla (co-founder)

Digits:  2(0.00)

Smallest Unit: Unknown

Forked From: None

Forked Coins: None

Algorithm: Ethash


Twitter: @Paxosglobal



Reddit: Unkown

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