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Pineapple Fund

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Meaning of Pineapple Fund

It is a platform owned by an anonymous individual who donated 5,104BTC (approximately $55,750,000) to 60 charity organizations across the world in 2017/2018.

The official page proved that, the unidentified donor was an early Bitcoin Whale investor with loads of it and decided to donate part of it to charity and also prove that cryptocurrency wealth can help the world.

Founded: 2017

Founder: Unknown Whale and early Bitcoin investor

Donation Duration: 2017 – 2018 (ended about quarter of 2018)

Website: https://pineapplefund.org/  || https://github.com/PineappleFund/pineapplefund.github.io

Social Media: Reddit (PineappleFund) || HN (PineappleFund)

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